Theater for dinner

Especially for Theatertertapas, Letice Braun tells all about her experiences, blog style:

It was on at the Ebbingekwartier yesterday evening. Unique locations surprised the public with a wide variety of acts, created by talented theatre makers, poets, graffiti artists and musicians. Afterwards drinks, tapas and live music during the first lustrum edition of Theatertapas festival. The evening surely was enticing. 

The public speaks:

Muriel: “One square meter stage is a collective which literally places poets on one square meter. The thing I loved about this was how this was combined with the board-game shop location, where gamers were playing complicated magic games simultaneously. The theatre combined with real life I found a really cool clash; two realities coming together. Instead of hiding in a room in a traditional theatre setting, Theatertapas festival uses its locations creatively."


Makers' meeting

We’ve had a great meeting with all of our makers: the makers’ kick off for the first lustrum edition of Theatertapas.

Even though the weather was cold, we went out to do a full tour of all of this year’s locations. First impressions: our main location for this year will be the brasserie of cultural centre ‘Het Paleis’. Additionally, nine extrordinary locations will be the stages for our festival, which has been extended to a three day programme!

On the menu this year we have (amongst others): Mieke den Braber, Jasper Vaessen, 1m2 Podium, Lea & Thérèse, Henriëtte Poelman, Marianne Hoekstra, Sarah & Freya, Tappin-it Collective and Jamila & Esther!  Expect a good portion of dance, poetry and (music-, visual- and puppet-) theatre.

Theatertapas lustrum

Behind the scenes we have already been working for some time to organize the first lustrum edition of Theatertapas. What are the plans?

Theatertapas keeps on growing and will accomodate no less than 500 visitors! That means five routes, ten makers and eleven locations. The heart of the festival will be Het Paleis, where you can listen to live music and enjoy a visual arts exhibition.

This year artistic director Andrea Hooymans is also aiming at expanding the festivals content: “You always have more plans than you get to execute, but now that our project group is here for their second run, we finally get to do some fun extras!” This year that means a try-out for the makers, a family programme on Sunday, more elaborate decoration of the festival heart and an international route. We’ll tell you more about this later.

Within the organization there have also been some changes: we welcome head of production Muriel Ramuz as a new member of the board of directors and we are adding a volunteer co-ordinator and a documentation co-ordinator to the team. Check out the contact page for more information on the project group for this edition!