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The Theatertapas festival 2016 has already passed. Check out what you've seen (or missed) this year:


Please note that the performances are in Dutch.

Route March 4th:

Route Yellow Kasper Peters | De Coterie | Freya & Sarah | Tappin-It Collective

Route PurpleFreya & Sarah | Tappin-It Collective | Lea & Thérèse | 1m2 Podium

Route Blue Jasper & Saskia |  1m2 Podium | Meet & Greet | De Coterie

Route Turqouis Lea en Thérèse | Meet & Greet | NNTWEE | Kasper Peters

Route Pink NNTWEE | Kasper Peters | Jasper & Saskia | Meet & Greet


Route afternoon March 5th:

Route Yellow Marianne Hoekstra | De Coterie | Freya & Sarah | Tappin-It Collective

Route Purple Freya & Sarah | Tappin-It Collective | Lea & Thérèse | 1m2 Podium

Route Blue Jasper & Saskia | 1m2 Podium | Meet & Greet | De Coterie

Route Turqouis Lea en Thérèse | Meet & Greet | NNTWEE | Marianne Hoekstra

Route Pink NNTWEE | Marianne Hoekstra | Jasper & Saskia | Meet & Greet


Route evening March 5th:

Route Yellow De Coterie | Meet & Greet | Freya & Sarah | Tappin-It Collective

Route Purple Freya & Sarah | Tappin-It Collective | Lea & Thérèse | 1m2 Podium

Route Blue 1m2 Podium | Jasper & Saskia | Circusbroeders | De Coterie

Route Turqouis Lea en Thérèse | Circusbroeders | NNTWEE | Jasper & Saskia

Route Pink NNTWEE | Meet & Greet | Jasper & Saskia | Circusbroeders

The surprise will be revealed soon!


On Sunday March 6th there will be a special family programme offering the following routes:

Route Amber | 1m2 Podium | Freya & Sarah | Jasper & Saskia | Tappin-It Collective

Route Magenta | Jasper & Saskia | Tappin-It Collective | Lea & Thérèse | 1m2 Podium

Route Indigo | Lea & Thérèse  | 1m2 Podium | Freya & Sarah | Turi’s Child's Play


Tickets are no longer available.



Lea Volkers en Thérèse Pietersma

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You are being guided to the home of the family Hond, where Vader and Moeder work hard to look chique and treat you with the best dinner of your life. But, not everything is flawless in this house. Everything that is different than the standard is being burried. Everything? Yes everything and everyone!

Lea and Thérèse put you in the middle of a story, literally, because you are part of the decor. Het will be a performance where you can’t hide behind the fourth wall, and this is exiting. What will you do if there is someone put behind the wallpaper next to you?


During EHBC the Danish Dr. Phill will present a roadmap to handle binge-watching and serie fever. How addicting are series and when do you notice that a lack of sleep and Study- or Work Evading Behaviour take over your normal life?

This theatrical introduction of Borden is being played by 4 student actors from the North-Netherlands. There are in total 9 actors who can play every role and every show is therefore different. The regie is in the hands of Jip Vuik in collaboration with NNTWEE.

Jasper Vaessen en Saskia Reijnders

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With one mouseclick we can reach everyone and everything. This is the result of the ultimate laziness that sooner or later catches us all. An humorous view in the lazy world of Jasper and Saskia, with a fresh Dutch cookie.

Jasper and Saskia attempt to make semi-absurdist, humorous and thrilling theater. They embody themselves as lazy West-European people in a time where everything is one mouse click away. We do less and spent more time with doing nothing. In the meantime the  chaos and hilarious laziness is inescapable. You are  being confronted with the facts when the remote has broken and you have to come out of your lazy chair.

De Coterie

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De Coterie plays monologues and dialogues in their piece ‘En nu is het mooi geweest of het verhaal van de vrouw die in een pompoen veranderde' draped on personal stories of tree women in their early thirties. Our generation cannot complain, but satisfaction does not come natural. We hunt, search and race. We juggle with our ambitions whilst we are living underneath the veil of the day. Sometimes we get out of this routine by asking ourselves what we are doing. If we have such a moment, we try to prolonge it and investigate what this veil means: deviate from the norm, how we are determined by our sexe (and that there is a border by the age of 30); promises from your past generation; if we have a right or a duty to become who we want to be and who we are. We invite the audience to participate. No theater with pointing fingers, but open arms and open view.

1m2 Podium

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1m2 Podium in collaboration with Kasper Peters presents poets from divers natures during all days during the festival. Every poet carries his/her own 1m2 stage. Both roll out and easy to move.
Theatral, expressive, walking, laying, calling, endless, everything is possible. Expect the unexpected. Let you be carried away in primal language and let yourself be perished in poetry. The poetics will not be stopped. Clear language, dark manifests, pamphlets and hilarious shout outs. 1m2 podium presents powerful persons with their own language.

Marianne Hoekstra

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From  my fascination for being human, I established a performance on how we look at other people. I translate what I see around me in image and sound. These images and sounds stay quite plain, almost blanco. The only means I use is language. Or sound. Or movement. Within this performance I am looking for the thin line between normality and craziness.  Can we think with someone who is maniacal? And what if we forget that normality exists, does craziness then still exists? And why do we hide our craziness to fit in? Maybe maniacal is the search of and the not finding of love. Is this all?


Tappin-It Collective

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‘Don’t let the rhythm of the past define the heart of the beat’

In the perfomance NOSTALGIA! from Tappin-it Collective, three tapdancers are being chased by ghost from their past. Tapdance, mime and a filmic soundscape form an explosive mixture where new and nostalgic impulses provide alienation. This rhythmic perfomance is both a battle against the sectarianism and a rebellious search for an own identity, an own groove.

Are the dancers able to shake off the smiling masks and nullify the clichés, or does nostalgia laughs the hardests?


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If you have visited the reality show ‘See Level’ at Noorderzon in the containerstudio, you already know her: Ariel. A somewhat naive hero with red wavy hair and a positive mindset, who tries to survive on sea before the eye of the camera.

In the performance ‘Gelukszoeker’, Ariel found her sanctuary in the watertoren. On this location she has her camera, videoscreens and director. The audience is involved in the situation, whilst Ariel throws herself into a new adventure.
Freya and Sara are twinsisters. They combine video and theatre into fast interactive performances. For now heir concerns are: reality television programs, rising sea levels and plastic soup. These issues get attention in their theatre projects.


Bake My Day


Nieuwe Ebbingestraat 47

BakeMyDay can make every baking wish come true; a birthday cake, cupcakes for a babyshower or a treat for work or school. In the store you are more that welcome to enjoy their freshly made pastries and specialties. The cosy atmosphere of the bakery can be traced back in their pastel colored interior what serves as one of our locations during Theatertapas. You can find more about BakeMyDay here.



Bloemstraat 38


Theatre the Machinefabriek is the theaterworkspace of the Noord Nederlands Toneel (NNT). In the listed building at the Bloemstraat is worked in the costume atelier, in the office, the workplace and of course the rehearsal spaces. In these spaces is being experimented, tried and many ideas are born here. The sky's the limit, and that is why the Machinefabriek offers the five-year-anniversary of Theatertapas two spaces to experiment and try. For more information see the website.


Open Lab Ebbinge

Kolendrift 7

The OLE pavilion is the central place for the Ebbingekwartier. From this location nine other locations are made possible via the Open Lab Ebbinge foundation. This special location consist of connected containers. From downstairs OLE spreads information. All the walls are covered with outstanding pictures of the former area; the circus area, the Bodenwagenterrein and the Gasfabriek (CiBoGa). From the big windows on the first flour you have an exceptional view of the Ebbingekwartier. More about the foundation and the area in general you can find here.

De Purperen Draak

De Purperen Draak
Nieuwe Ebbinestraat 86A

De Purperen Draak is a new location for Theatertapas. The uniqueness of the location lies in the fact that this store is a fantasy game shop. Every (fanatic) board- and cardplayer can come here to play and enjoy. During the festival the shop will open its doors for our audience to enjoy one of our snacks in 2016. For more information see the website.

Platform GRAS

Platform GRAS
Bloemsingel 1001


Platform GRAS is the achitecture centre of Groningen. She wants to broaden the knowledge about the built environment and stimulate the discussion about this. Platform GRAS is floating on the water at the edge of the Ebbingekwartier. This building is a perfect location for Theatertapas with her striking appearance: the location is a wooden ship and serves as a platform for the debate about architecture in Groningen and its architectural environment. GRAS is also active as a publisher. More about the mission of this ideological company you can find here and here.

Het Paleis

Het Paleis

Boterdiep 111

Het Paleis is a cultural living and work complex located in a former science building of the University of Groningen. In every space a different experience is generated by the different styles of interior and design and is a place where artists, designers, entrepreneurs and culture lovers can meet and inspire each other. A location where initiatives and ideas are developed with a broad range of activities for a diverse crowd and thus the perfect location to serve as the main location of the fifth-year-anniversary of Theatertapas. The brasserie of the Palace is our starting and end location of all the different routes. At the end of each route you can enjoy live music, a little snack and a drink and of course visual arts. For more information see the website of the palace.

AAS Architecten

AAS Architecten
Boterdiep 63


A unique place at the Boterdiep; AAS Architecten shows her ideals in the design and interior of her space: the working area is open. AAS makes use of sustainable materials and the light transforms the experience of the location. This location is participating for the third time this year. The visitor will have a unique theatre experience due to the versatility of the building. About the location: ‘A workplace tells a lot about someone's working method. Ideas, inspiration and expertise are shared all the time. For more information see AAS Architecten.


De Bovenkamer van Groningen

Noorderbinnensingel 14


De Bovenkamer van Groningen is the new name of the Watertoren Noord in Groningen: a beautiful place voor business, festive or creative get togethers. The former water resevoir has now, instead of one milion litre water, a lounge, an auditory and an exhibition room with a bar. The visitor of Theatertapas will engange in a spectacle of a high level, namely 45,3 meters above the ground. The watertoren makes not one, but two rooms available for the festival. The view of Groningen is breathtaking from this location, as the theatre you will taste here. For more information go to the website.


SKSG Picasso

SKSG Picasso

Kolendrift 11

Children experience with SKSG Picasso that they can change the world around them and make it as beautiful they want. The nursery gives special attention to music, theatre, dance and visual arts. Because this location gives special attention to arts and culture, the nursery is transformed to ocation for children's program on sunday in Theartertapas style. More about the nursery you van find here.  

Art and music


For Theatertapas, Andrea's Art Agency will arrange for a live graffiti-act. Artist Onkruyd will show off his skills before and after the routes on Friday and Saturday. On Sunday there will be a small exhibition of his works at SKSG Picasso.

Onkruyd, aka Harm Tuyn is a versatile artist. He often works in and around Groningen: his work is raw and expressive. Sometimes it takes on a dark and figurative quality, sometimes it turns somewhat poetic. He always works with emotional content, even if it's humor.