Backstage, the Theatertapas team is working around the clock to organize the next edition of the festival. The team members put their hands together and combine their talents to develop the festival and themselves as individuals. We gladly introduce them to you: click on their portraits for their contact details and to find out more about them.  

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Muriel Ramuz

Head of Production

Theatertapas is all about innovative ideas that require a practical view. Our inventive head of production Muriel is responsible for making some of these ideas a reality.
She is self-dependent, approachable and loves a hard day's work and therefore plays important role in both the organisation of Theatertapas as well as the actual festival.


Andrea Hooymans

Artistic Director

Every year Theatertapas tries to improve and renew itself and this year the festial develops under the supervision of artistic director Andrea. She is a motivated businesswoman able to connect people with keen enthusiasm. Internally she mainly focuses on the flourishing of our young professionals. This has resulted in the motivated project group introduced above.
This engaged member of the board proudly presents and represents Theatertapas.

Fred Dijkstra

Master of Coin

The succes of Theatertapas is also being made possible by the skills of our business director Fred. By means of  tight schedules and his ability to preserve the overall picture he brings calmness in a creative chaos. His longstanding experience as a financial controller is very valuable as well as essential for our business policy.

Amber Barelds

Artist and Venue Co-ordinator

Finding suitable artists and venues forms an intergral part of our festival and co-ordination and communication are very important. Our critical and down to earth co-ordinator Amber sees to is that this process runs smoothly. Her command of language contributes to the international character of our festival and makes her the ideal person to address during Theatertapas.

Elmer van Luxemburg

Head Waiter

During the festival routes our talented hosts will gladly take you on tour and will see to it that nothing will escape your attention. All your question will be answered by our professional and helpful leading waiter Elmer. This charmer will be waiting for you at our main venue to receive you with open arms. He is also responsible for a team of equally charming waiters that can’t wait to show you around.

Fabiana Filadoro

Production Co-ordinator

Throughout the festival our headquarters is a lively venue where people can meet. Right in this ‘festival heart’ our ever cheerful co-ordinator Fabiana acts her part. She is responsible for the technique and all hodge podge that goes with it.  This swiftly acting multi-task talent knows what she is up to and she is sure up to it.


Jantine Verver

Promo and Ticketing Co-ordinator

We would like our festival to reach a large and varied audience and therefore good artistic propaganda is a requirement. Our curious and assertive co-ordinator Jantine is responsible for this important job running up to the festival.
She is self-conscious and has an eye for detail which makes her very suitable for the communication between Theatertapas and her potential audience.

Anna Krijnen

Documentation co-ordinator

At the end of the festival we can see the highlights of Theatertapas in image and sound. Next to a beautiful memory, the documentation is indispensable promotion material ├índ very valuable for our emerging artists. This year we give a warm welcome to our documentation co-ordinatior Anna who is a addittion to our team. She has much experience with guiding youth and aldults and multimedia. 

With her positive additude and good listening skills, Anna can calaborate with eveyone. She and her team provide audience and artists with an immortalized Theatertapas 2016.