About Theatertapas

The concept for Theatertapas was born in the autumn of 2010. Starting theatre makers Danielle Boer and Brechje Schoen were searching for a stage to develop and perform new productions. It turned out there were little options, especially in winter time. Reasons enough to create a stage of their own: they sought out organizing talent Dity de Vries and together they founded Theatertapas. From the cosy theatre café De Souffleur, next to Stadsschouwburg Groningen, they planned the first edition in February 2011.

Three editions later, the festival moved to the Ebbingekwartier area of Groningen. The concept developed from a Sunday afternoon session into three half-day sessions and a large main location. The inner workings of the organizations itself had also been changed: cultural entrepreneur Andrea Hooymans (Andrea's Art Agency) joined the party in 2013, followed by financial controller Alfred Dijkstra in 2014 and entrepreneur Muriel Ramuz in 2015. Anno 2015, the non-profit board consists of Muriel Ramuz (secretary), Alfred Dijkstra (treasurer) and Andrea Hooymans (chairman). Andrea acts as artistic director and Alfred as business director.

With the development of the non-profit organization, more people are needed to make things work. That is why Theatertapas has gained a project group to help with coordinating various aspects of the festival, next to the festivals yearly team of volunteers. Check out the contact page for more info on the project group members of 2015.


The festival is made possible thanks to our sponsors: mostly small business owners in the city of Groningen. Theatertapas 2015 was sponsored by:

Oberland, Open Lab Ebbinge (OLE), Simplon, AAS Groningen, De Chemie, Platform GRAS, Lighthouse Muzieklab, Het Paleis, Het Infoversum, De Merkstudio, Lichtpunt, OpMaat, POP Groningen, De Kunstboer, Usva en Plaatjesmaken. Theatertapas  2015 was especially made possible by Stimuleringsfonds Ebbingekwartier.

In the past Theatertapas was sponsored by: Kunstraad, Ebbingekwartier, Gemeente Groningen, Plaza Danza, Restaurant Voila, Simplon Poppodium, Propaganda Vormgevers, SKSG, Platform Gras, House of Spice, Gasfornuis, Meneer J. Kooi, Het Paleis, Op Maat, Open Lab Ebbinge, Lichtpunt, CBK Groningen, Confettifeest.nl, AAS Architecten, De Chemie, Oberland, Eetcafé De Buurvrouw, De Souffleur and Alert Heijn Ebbingekwartier.


Theatertapas has a clear mission: “We are there for theatre makers with big plans and no stage to perform. We bring the audience, makers and entrepreneurs together in a mix of performance, extraordinary locations and Dutch ‘gezelligheid’.” Explains artistic director Andrea Hooymans. The non-profit organisation puts emerging artists on the map by offering them a stage, and audience and promotion for new productions. Because of the timing of the festival in the winter season, the festival plays an intermediary role between the makers, the summer festivals and the new festival season.

Theatertapas is a theatre-on-location festival. This means that our makers and locations will join in an interactive relationship. This  is why each edition Theatertapas is looking for the most beautiful and inspiring locations within the Ebbingekwartier area of the city of Groningen. These a-typical locations become part of the festival-experience thanks to collaboration with local business-owners. This enables Theatertapas to let you have a taste of both theatre and local city culture!


From 2013, the festival has been a yearly event in the Ebbingekwartier area of the city of Groningen. The performances and installations are staged at restaurants, offices, shops and empty buildings. The main location for Theatertapas 2015 will be Het Paleis.

Earlier extraordinary locations for Theatertapas are: Oberland, Open Lab Ebbinge (OLE), Simplon, AAS Groningen, De Chemie, Platform GRAS, Lighthouse Muzieklab, Het Paleis, Het Infoversum, Het Gasfornuis, Plaza Danza, Restaurant Voila, Eetcafé De Buurvrouw en De Souffleur.